Lettermap of Dresden by Alexander S. Heitkamp

Favourite places We herz #Dresden!

Advertisement F avourite places in Dresden? There’s actually quite a lot of them. Our readers have sent us their video impressions. They may only be short, but they are declarations of love: Amateur videos made in response to the invitation ‘SHOW US YOUR DRESDEN’. A selection of the best.

Take a look at the places which the locals like best:

Palatial art

A gem of late classicism hosts talented youngsters learning about art. The JugendKunstschule Dresden offers courses in Albrechtsberg Castle.



Chilling out in Coswig

Watching the sun go down on the Elbe embankment north-east of Dresden. Relaaax!



Ice is nice

Summer really does mean summer in Dresden. In the Alaunpark over the river in Neustadt, there is homemade super-soft ice cream to help you cool off.
Café Komisch
Bischofsweg 50



27 years of partying

Live music, shows, exhibitions, street food, drinks, family-friendly activities during the day, unconventional, multicultural and often raucous events later on. The Bunte Republik Neustadt on the other side of the Elbe is quite an experience.



The adrenalin kicks in

At the Cable-Dresden wakeboarding and water skiing centre, you can get yourself pulled across the water at speeds of up to 30kph. Wow!



Stories about Vehikles

The Verkehrsmuseum Dresden (Dresden Transport Museum) focuses on mobility.



Walking in Dresden

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! Take a stroll past Baroque masterpieces such as the Semperoper, and tarry awhile on the banks of the Elbe.



Waldschlößchen Bridge

This bridge crosses the Elbe river at one of its widest points. Spread out beneath is an idyllic nature habitat.



Salsa style

It doesn’t need to be a parquet floor for dancing; a pavement will do just as well. Even the Frauenkirche seems to resonate to the rhythm of the salsa music.



All-time favourite

Opened in 1861, the beautifully laid-out Dresden Zoo permits exotic animals to be observed at close quarters.



Rediscover those places here:

Alphabet Maps

Manhattan, Dubai, Bangkok, Amsterdam – at his screenprinting workshop in Neustadt, Alexander Heitkamp turns out hand-printed maps of cities around the world that consist of the names of their districts spelled out (see map on this page). At his Buchstabenorte studio in Görlitzer Strasse, he is constantly working on new designs, which can be ordered worldwide via his web shop.

Screenprinting workshop of Alexander Heitkamp in Neustadt
Screenprinting workshop of Alexander Heitkamp in Neustadt