Perspectives on a city A portrait of Dresden

T he many historical treasures of Dresden have earned it the soubriquet ‘Florence on the Elbe’. But the city also lives in the present – where culture, the economy and politics never stand still – and looks forward to an exciting future. Will it be chosen as European Capital of Culture 2025? With the application already in the pipeline, Dresden Magazine invited the Berlin-based photographers, Ute and Werner Mahler, to visit the Upper Elbe. The Mahlers have been in the photography business for almost half a century now and are the founders of the highly respected Ostkreuz photo agency. They have taught at university level, displayed their work at major exhibitions and frequently won awards. But the one thing they have not done yet is show the city of Dresden from their very individual perspective. “We went in search of a Dresden that you won’t find in any guidebook,” says Werner Mahler, “and we discovered an exciting city.”

06. September 2018